Tuesday, October 31, 2023

He Could Do No Miracles Among Them

Whether or not you believe in God or the bible, I think a lot of people would agree there are tremendous life lessons that can be gleaned from it. In particular, there’s a story where it reads “And because of their unbelief, he (Jesus) couldn’t do any miracles among them…”.  Without going into the details of the entire story, one of the main headlines I got from it was this. Faith is built into the design of humanity.

Think about it. As a kid, when you learned to ride a bike, you first had to believe you could do it. When you tried out for that sport you had to first believe you could make the team. When you decided to go to law school or medical school you had to believe you could become an attorney or physician. When you started your business you had to believe you could be an entrepreneur. When you applied for that job you had to believe you could get hired. Faith is always on display by the actions we take.

But the problem is, we occasionally put our faith in the wrong people or the wrong things that end up disappointing or even hurting us. As this happens repeatedly, we can become jaded, sometimes even to a point of apathy where we just begin to accept things for how they are because we don’t believe they can be any different or better. I believe that’s where most people are at with the American healthcare system.

People are so jaded, so beat down, and so brainwashed believing they have to accept the healthcare system the way it is because the government and corporate controlled media makes them believe that. But that is emphatically 1000% a false belief. This nation was built on the belief in freedom. But somewhere along the way the masses were lulled to sleep through empty promises, deception, comfort, manipulation and outright coercion.

Fortunately though, not everyone has lost that faith and belief in freedom. I’m taking my precious time today to let whoever will believe, know, that in a random but collective effort, thousands of passionate men and women have created and are literally running a verifiable parallel healthcare economy called Devolution Healthcare. This economy you’ve never heard of is backed by companies and venture funds with market caps in the billions. And Devolution Healthcare is not even new. Maybe the identification and naming of it is new, but it’s been in existence for years serving and providing care for tens of millions of consumers, who are spending billions of dollars for high quality, affordable healthcare outside of the current predatory system.

If you are reading this right now, then you likely know that I co-own a company called Revolt Healthcare Alliance and you likely believe that I am only trying to sell our products and services to you. That is also a false belief. We have more clients than we can handle and are trying to figure out how to scale in a way that we don’t compromise the spirit of excellence in which we operate.

The truth is, I don’t care if you buy products or services from us. What I want is for you to realize that through a spirit of freedom, courage, and faith, and because of innovation and technology, there is a way for you and your family to save thousands of dollars every year so you can better use that money for your family’s benefit instead of giving it to a CEO who makes $30M per year. My executive leadership team thought I was absolutely insane when I told them we were going to start marketing and promoting products, services and business models other than our own. But eventually they came to understand that the Devolution Healthcare economy is massive and that it’s to our benefit to promote all these other companies.

So here is a gift from us to you. Devolution Healthcare. You can download it and you will not be put on an email list. Read it. Even if it’s not with our company, try one of the other products, services or business models. Worse case scenario you can always go back to paying for the same health insurance you have now, even though you can’t even really use it.

The entrepreneurs, physicians, pharmacies, brokers and technology companies operating in the Devolution Healthcare economy have found a way to put the care back into healthcare. We hope you will find the faith to believe in it.

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