Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Two Year Anniversary

Revolt Healthcare Alliance turned two yesterday. As I stop to think about what we’ve accomplished and how we accomplished it I realize we’ve had quite an adventure in such a short period of time.

Who knew when we opened our doors on Feb 1st 2020 that a global “pandemic” would supervene the following month? Having just signed a lease at The Star, home of the Dallas Cowboys world headquarters, we were filled with fervor in spite of the fact that our new office space had turned into a ghost town overnight. While other companies began their work at home protocols, our newly fused team continued to meet fearlessly as we showed up day after day because no one told us we couldn’t build a business in the middle of a pandemic.

$7.4 million dollars later we continue to win daily in the marketplace. And we win for a variety of reasons. One is because we have the most innovative healthcare coverage the industry has ever seen. We also win simply because our pricing is fair and not predatory. But probably the single most important reason we’re winning is because of our culture.

You see, we’ve created a culture that provides people with real purpose. No one can argue against the fact that the healthcare system has been corrupted by the government and the Revolt Healthcare Alliance gives our agents purpose in that they are truly helping to protect people from that corruption.

Our culture also provides people with opportunities. Over the last two years we’ve had 205 agents join the alliance with at least a dozen or more leaving their previous professions because of the growth and financial opportunities we provide.

Our culture also provides people with support. My co-founder Ben Jones and I work daily and relentlessly to give our agents the technology and marketing resources they need to do their jobs better than the next agent.

Our culture also provides accountability. We don’t demand perfection, but we do demand that our agents are pursuing a spirit of excellence while putting our clients at the center of everything we do. And when an agent does drop the ball or miss the mark there’s accountability that provides them the opportunity to self-correct, learn and grow.

None of this has been an easy feat. The culture has been challenged on a few occasions, and occasionally by the very people we’re trying to help. But nonetheless, our culture is alive and well because no matter what, we’ve kept our eyes on the prize. And it’s the people we help who are the actual prize.

To wrap up this reflection I’d be remiss if I didn’t specifically thank my co-founder Ben Jones, my wife Dana Geiger, ELT members Samantha McHone and Mike Organ, our founding agents, Scotty Byers, Jason Volcansek and Gina Gibson as well as all of our agents, and allies nationwide. I also want to thank Sean Milam, Jacob Stanley, Donna Gayle, Patrick Robinson and Augusto Ruiz Eldredge. Thank each of you for your individual contributions and all you’ve done to help us grow the alliance. We’re so excited about our future together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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